Spr1tz is an IRL/URL mix between the ephemeral and the body.

smell is the most adequate carnal adjacent to the digital domain. that is how we approached the development of the Spr1tz IRL product: perfume gel in ketchup packets. you squeeze it out, smear it wherever and you smell amazing.

access to the product is exclusive to the Spr1tz NFT's initial collectors. the NFT collection consists of 99 3D creatures, elevated from the junk food sphere - hot dogs, nuggets, french fries, squeeze bottles - in order to transmit the wonderful stench of today's internet in its transient state.

in correlation with the NFT's oddity - the Spr1tz parallel of rarity - we will be sending the collectors a package of 10-300 Spr1tz packets.

the collectors will automatically participate in the Spr1tz DAO - where all the next steps of the IRL/URL mix will be deliberated. you will get to have a say in new smelly developments, future products, and a lot more stench.